Practical use of Flying Dog products in sport and ordinary live

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Products of Flying Dog series – After Drink, Mineral Drink, Healthy bones Calcium and Healthy joints Gelatine enjoy great popularity among sport dog breeders, but even among vets. It is due to high quality and wide use in sport, racing and anyhow loaded dogs (agility, coursing, dogfrisbee, canicross, dogtrekking). The products of Flying Dog series have been developed especially for dog organism and metabolism and they are not replaceable by products for humans as could be thought.

Mineral Drink

It is perfect for daily toping-up liquids. It is enriched with vitamins and needed ions. They have the ability to tie water on themselves and transport it to organs and mussels. Practically the Mineral Drink is used for hydrating a dog during a practice of canicross, agility, coursing and at any activity in hot and sultry weather (rescuers, watchdogs). It is ideal for replenishment of liquids during dogtrekking. Water and mineral substances enter into an organism in natural ratio which allows a cell to fully use the water. Dogs get use to drinking Mineral Drink very fast and they drink it in higher amount in comparison with clear water. Therefore the Mineral Drink is ideal to start using before racing, in phase of training. Racing dogs are recommended to use this product during the whole year. Non-racing dogs use the Mineral Drink especially in hot summer days.

After Drink

Sacharidde-protein cocktail in form of a powder is a unique product designed for racing dogs and for use in vet medicine.

It is used after intensive performance – after finishing canicross track, coursing run or another fast activity when an organism of a dog uses glycogenic reserves from liver and muscles (agility, frisbee, coursing…). It prevents a decomposing of muscle fibre by fast delivery of glucose and proteins which makes the regeneration easier. A dog which is being given After Drink during the period of practice and after a competition is ready to perform in shorter time in comparison to other dogs not using After Drink. Their energy returns faster and their pace of breathing is sooner regular.

The powder is easily absorbable and it does not load a digestive tract like a dry dog food. It makes all parameters of a racing dog – persistent, speed better. It is suitable for agility, mushing and other dog sports. It is usually used for bitches after giving birth.

Furthermore, the flavour is very attractive for dogs and they accept it as a reward.

Properties of After Drink are used even during a therapy of ill animals. We have experience with using nutritious cocktail by dogs which refuse other food or by dogs after a hard operation and birth.

Healthy bones Calcium

It is a bioactive product; it contains a substance casein-fosfopeptid (CPP) which increases absorption of calcium about 70-80%. Without this substance only 15% is absorbed. The advantage is in very exact dosage due to gelatine caps. It is used as a food supplement by dogs fed with a cooked food and raw meat, especially in period of growth and at high performance – sport, treatment of fractures and injury of movement apparatus. It also helps to keep bone mass even for aging animals.

Healthy joints Gelatine

Gelatin is enriched with L-cystine, rutin and vitamin C and B6. The dosage is in caps. This product ensures healthy growth of cartilage in development, in active phase of live even in old age. In order to the bone was healthy the cartilage has to be healthy as well. It complements the previous product (Calcium).  It is confirmed that it demonstrably improves the ability to move and an activity of an animal. It is suitable for all kinds of dog breeds. It is possible to open the cap for precise dosage for puppies. It completely replaces high-risky feeding by bones and pig legs. It doesn’t contain any flavour or allergic substances.  It is useful as a prevention of wearing of cartilages and bones of active dogs (agility, musching, coursing...)